Saving The Hauraki Gulf


The Hauraki Gulf – one of the most bio-diverse harbours in the entire world, but over-fishing and too much run off and sediment is strangling the mauri out of this unique harbour and threatening future generation’s enjoyment of it.


It is in collapse.


The council has released damning report after damning report for over twenty years. Seachange has been working away for over six years. Legasea, Revive our Gulf, Sustainable Coastlines, Greenpeace and others have all been banging away. With no result.


Finally the government has released their Revitalising the Gulf report. It is a much-needed step forward but people still need to know what the issues are, what possible solutions there are and how wide reaching will this new Ministry of Fisheries action really be.


It is widely recognised that this is a hugely complex problem with local government, central government, farmers, developers, recreational fisher people, the commercial fishing industry and twenty-four iwi, all with different agendas. But all their agendas will be rendered null and void if the gulf collapses.


There is no room for further green fatigue.

Now is the time for action.

Please come on board.

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