The Sun Came Out
(7 Worlds Collide)

The sun came Out
(7 Worlds Collide)

Neil Finn invites members of Wilco, Radiohead, The Smiths, KT Tunstall, plus locals Don McGlashan, Bic Runga, and his sons Liam and Elroy, and  others to spend a Kiwi summer between Piha on the west coast of Auckland and his studio in town, writing, recording and performing an album with the proceeds going to the charity Oxfam. An intimate romp behind the scenes as clever bastards write and perform great music.

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I bought this because I’m a big Johnny Marr fan and it doesn’t disappoint. As well as getting to hear him and see him play his guitar, you will also get to see him eat a salad, get angry at his salad, chew gum on a beach, and attack Ed O’Brien from behind. What more could you ask for?” 
– Scarlett

One can never go wrong with Neil Finn – anything that he touches is almost pure gold and this DVD proves it again and again. To me, the Seven Worlds Collide projects are a testament to the genius of Neil Finn and Jeff Tweedy in this documentary comes out and says it.”
– Voltron



“I just got this DVD in the mail and I immediately opened it up and watched the whole thing. I am huge Wilco (Jeff Tweedy) fan, so this was the main reason for the purchase. Overall, the documentary of all these musicians making music together was fantastic to watch. It looked like it was so much fun! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for most of what happened in the studio! It looked like absolute magic! I bet this film was really fun to make too. The fact that the 7 Worlds Collide record was recorded in New Zealand was also amazing. I have not yet been to the amazing island of New Zealand, but this definitely made me want to go and visit. It was absolutely beautiful! Overall, if you are a fan of any of the artists that are featured in this great documentary, I would recommend watching it immediately! It is just pure joy to watch all these musicians do what they do best – make music!”

– Christina